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Bhartiya Airtel and Tata group collaborate to build Made in India 5G Network

On this Monday, Bhartiya Airtel and Tata group announced a strategic partnership for implementing 5G network in India. It highlights a push for indigenous 5G solutions as the world’s second largest telecommunication market gears up for fifth generation mobile network. And this would able to connect everything together including machinery, objects and devices at ultra high speed.

Why Airtel and Tata ??

Recently Tata group has developed O-Ran (Open Radio Access Network) based radio and core elements and integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack. While Airtel will pilot and deploy this indigenous solution as part of its 5G roll out plan in India.

These made in India 5G products and solutions are aligned to global standards and interoperate with other products based on standard open interfaces and those defines by the O-RAN alliance. The 5G solutions, once commercially in Airtel’s diverse and brownfield will open an export opportunity for India.

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