Black fungus: Is Diabetes reason behind India’s high number of cases?

About 12,000 cases of “Black Fungus” disease have been reported in India, most of the patients are those who just recovered from Corona.
This severe infection is normally very rare and has a mortality rate of about 50%.
Some medical experts claimed that in India cases are growing more rapidly because of the high prevalence of diabetes.
Prior to the Covid -19 pandemic, at least 38 countries around the world had reported cases of Mucormycosis, commonly known as Black Fungus.
India and Pakistan had the highest rates with around 140 cases per million annually, according to the Leading International Fungal Education.
Dr. David Denning at the University of Manchester, an expert on fungal infections, said that reported cases of Black Fungus in India were “masses more than any other part of the world” well before the pandemic.


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