“YOUR SAVIOUR…IS HERE…!!” Loki, the god of mischief, Laufeyson, the adopted son of Odin and the brother of Thor. Marvel comics have never given shades to this extent to any of their characters as much as they gave in Loki. From the charming personality that melts our heart to the mischievous simile that he possesses during a mischief, Loki got almost every tiny and little details that brings him the love and admiration of his audience.

From being in the darkness of the truth of his birth to sacrificing his own life for his brother, this character has gone through a lot of difficulties and sufferings throughout his life. He faced discrimination from his father, friends, his subjects and from everyone he expected love except his mother Frigga. His character arc got a tremendous bend after his mother’s death because of his own fault. In this blog, we are going to flash some light on the shades of his character to understand what makes Loki LOKI.

Charming: – Charm was always one of the feathers to the crown of his character that he got from his mother. No matter what the situation is, Whether he’s waking up from unconsciousness in front of the Avengers after losing the battle or facing one of the most powerful being in the universe (Thanos), his charm never fades. His behavior, the way he speaks or introduce himself, his attire, everything has a spark of royalty and aesthetic-ness, which makes the character more adorable and loveable.

Polite: – “Politeness”, a quality of a gentleman’s character and our Loki is the master of it. Just think about how many times you have seen him saying sorry and every time in a different way, I mean he is an anti-hero and he’s saying “I beg your pardon” to the person who has come to arrest him!! Who won’t love this to see!? “Pardon me”; “Thank you”; this kind of gestures adds extra spices to his character. He is a guy who always speaks with respect to a person until and unless he has to kill him. From wishing “Good evening” to an unknown to begging pardon from almost every enemy he have fought with; he is a guy to admire for his politeness. But yes again, don’t be too friendly to him, he will not think for a second time if he has to take your heart out of your body…!!

Funny and Humorous: – Who doesn’t love a funny and humorous guy. We automatically get attracted to the people with a good sense of humor. And that’s the specialty of our Loki’s character. He knows how to be funny in a tensed situation, he knows how to use his sense of humor to draw people’s attention in his favor. His chitchats with his brother Thor in various occasions, changing his appearance in THOR: THE DARK WORLD to make Thor laugh, his seriousness for his “burden of glorious purposes”, all this make us fall in love with this fictional character not just for only one time but for every time we see him.

Sexuality: – This is a kind of a sensitive topic for both Loki and his fans. The actual sexuality of Loki was hidden until the Disney+ web series revealed it. Unlike the comics Loki is a GENDER FLUID character in the cinematic universe. Though we haven’t seen him yet with any of his male love interest, whether in the comics or in cinematics universe, but there are some examples from the comics where we could see his emotional attraction towards some male characters. Actually, not being restricted to any specified stereotype gender this quality adds more color to the character and brings more love and admiration around the globe because it’s sentimental appeal to the larger portion of people with open minded mentality rather than confined to a smaller part with narrow minded thinking. Apart from his form fill-up scene, where we got to know about his gender, Loki himself admitted that he has same romantic and sexual interest for both male and female that he named “LOVE”.

In a conversation with Sylvie, the so-called lady Loki that was introduced in the series, when she asked him “What about you? You’re a prince. Must’ve been would be princesses or perhaps, another prince.” Loki replied “A bit both. I suspect the same as you” with his charming mischievous smile. In my opinion Loki felt the faint feeling of love with the male character, was Thor. He has spent most of his time either with his mother or his brother. So, it’s quite possible for him to have feelings for Thor, as he said “I never wanted the throne, I only wanted to be your equal”, Loki observed and understood Thor’s character to an extent that no one did. And thus, he may have got feelings for him in the process of understanding him. Or maybe, anything bigger is waiting for us to get revealed in the womb of future. Who knows….!!

Appearance: – Unlike his brother in arm Thor, he got a lean figure rather than a muscular one that we expect form a god. He is a “classy styled” gentleman with a heartwarming but mischievous smile. We might see Thor in a pajama and beer addicted attire, but we never saw Loki without his flawless style and sigma men dressing, except one time when his mother died. That’s the only time when we saw Loki devastated and helpless in his entire MCU journey. That shows his love for his mother. Even when he went to earth to destroy a city, he was in an appearance of a complete man. And their adds another feather to his crown of characteristic, the word “Metrosexual”. Metrosexual means a person with a sense of urban fashion and refined taste. He likes to look classy and clean, to be admired and loved, which even we humans want to be!! That makes Loki who is a god but different from others.

Pathetic: – He is a pathetic guy. He has suffered from a feeling of isolation and unequal treatment from his father. After more than a thousand years he came to know about his adoption, and not even from asgard or any other realm but he is a decedent of the frost giants, the forever enemy of the Asgardians. He realized that maybe that’s why he was the victim of discrimination throughout his life. In THOR (2011), when he got to know the truth, his scream “Tell me…!!”, that made Odin speak of the truth, was so soulful that anyone could feel the sadness, the anger and his curiosity to know the truth in his voice. Perhaps Thor loved his brother so much but for some reason, Odin never loved Loki the same way he loved his first born.

In the “LOKI” series, when Mobius send Loki in the time loop, Lady Sif told him that he will always be alone. And that’s what happens throughout his life. In this context we can see that at the end Sylvie, to whom he felt attraction that he never felt with someone else, betrayed him and sent him back to TVA when Loki tried to convince him about not to kill “He who remains”. Discrimination from his own father, survival throughout his life, mother’s death, and betrayals, these things made Loki’s character more pathetic than most of the MCU characters. And maybe that’s why we all feel attached to this character, because of his sufferings, because of the destruction he feels inside him every time, because we human always feel Ruth and compassion for them who suffers.

Self-admiration: – Though Loki was not much loved by the people around him, he is a person who admires himself more than others. He admires his own appearance, his own powers, his own way of thinking. That’s why he looks so charming and confident where ever he goes, whoever he meets with. It reflects by his choice of words, by his gesture and postures. He has a slight ego about himself. This is a reflection of his feminine side that seeks male attention sometimes.

Always Changing: – Loki is a type of character who changes himself constantly in the basis of the situation he suffers. We knew there was no one who he admired or loved as a friend of him in his life. But after coming to TVA and working with Mobius, they created a bond of friendship with each other. We could see the grief of losing his friend when Ravonna pruned Mobius in front of Loki for some reason and also the warmth in his hug when he met Mobius again in the so called “The end of the time”. According to comics, we saw that Loki had relationships with a lot of women, but none of them appeared in the films.

We could also say that Loki never shared any trustful bond with any person, neither with his own brother who loved him so much. But, in the case of Sylvie, his galvanized mischievous heart melted. We could clearly see what he felt for Sylvie, though she was only the female version of him. We could clearly see the care and attraction that Loki felt for her. The best part was when Loki shared his blanket with her when Sylvie said she is cold. Though he is a frost giant which makes him immune from cold. Means he enchanted the blanket just for Sylvie, to feel her warm. This is a massive change in his character over time.

Mischievous legacy: – It’s actually the thing that makes Loki, The god of mischief. He got the magic from his mother Frigga but being mischievous wasn’t entirely his decision. He was driven by his emotions and his feelings about his father’s nepotistic mindset towards his brother and being cornered. His mischievous nature led him to make allies with evil. If we only look after his karma that he has done through out his life, then he is not a guy to be loved. His pathetic past and his ever-charming nature make us love him so much and feels attached to this character. He attacked New York with a massive army, helped frost giants to attack his homeland, made attempt to murder his brother countless times, faked his death more than once, how much you want to be a character evil…?? He is a bad guy, and our society is affectionate towards this kind of person.

Overall Loki is a kind of a character who gets love from the people of eight to eighty, almost every marvel fan of every age. This character gives us a sense of a modern day “Bad boy” with a charming nature, a chaotic personality and a miserable past. And that makes Loki one of my favorite character in MCU. Which is your favorite one?? Let us know in the comment section below and share your feedback about this blog.

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