Sylvie Lushton aka “Lady Loki”, who appeared in the on-going marvel series “LOKI”, is a character with certain mystery about her identity and origin in the American comics. In the comics Lady Loki, Sylvie Lushton, and the Enchantress are three different characters with their own origin and stories. The MCU’s Sylvie was a breeding of these three characters. Let us find out about the story of their beginning.

Lady Loki: – When the female version of Loki was introduced in the comics, it eventually became a fan favorite character. Who on earth doesn’t love a woman with such mischievous mindset and the charms that our Loki possesses?! People find “sexy” or “attracting” a character with this kind of qualities. However, this female version was first introduced in the comic Thor volume 3 no. 5, the comic was published in the year 2008. But in the process to know the origin of this version, we have to start from the beginning. In the comic Thor volume 2 issue 80 – 85 named “Thor: Ragnarök”. Where the entire civilization of the Asgard was shattered by Surtur, the fire demon. In the comic, Thor was able to possess the “Rune magic”, most powerful among all the other magics present in the nine realms. And his self-realization made him allow Surtur to destroy the Asgard.

In the process, Thor have to end Loki’s life by his own hands. And thus, Loki reborn in the next volume, when Thor recreated the Asgard in the Midgard aka Earth. Odinson searched for the other people who used to live in the old Asgard, who were trapped in the hearts and consciousness of their human hosts. Thor found a woman in a bridal dress and make up who Thor believed as Lady Sif, his love interest in the comics, along with the other people trapped in the basement of his newly created Asgard. After releasing the trapped souls, Thor found that it was Loki, who didn’t come in the appearance of that he was died because he was not truly Asgardian. And thus, Lady Loki was born in the comics. She appeared to be good for some span of time but never left his mischievous schemes and plans. She kept allies with the evils such as Doctor Doom and others.

 Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton): – Now, let’s talk about Sylvie Lushton aka the “Enchantress”. Well, the origin story of our human Sylvie being the enchantress is related to the story of Lady Loki, perhaps the extended version of it. Sylvie was an average woman from Oklahoma, where the new Asgard was created. One sunny morning Sylvie woke up with his new powers unaware of the fact that her new powers are given by Loki Laufeyson, the goddess of mischief for some unknown reasons. Her first appearance was in “The Dark Reign: Young Avengers”.

After getting her powers, she copied the style and appearance of the real Enchantress Amora who was a villain of Thor and started speaking in fake Asgardian accent. Her powers were sorcery, teleportation, energy projection, telekinesis, force field generation and mind control. Sylvie went to New York to become a hero and to join the avengers and eventually joined the new avengers. She was in a short relationship with his co-worker Melter. After sometimes she joined Illuminati with The Hood. Later she was banished to one of the realms of the ten realms by the real Amora for using her name and style.

The Enchantress (Amora): – The real Enchantress Amora, is one of the most powerful sorcerer in Asgard. Her first appearance was in theJourney into Mystery (1964)”. Whether there is no information of her parents she has the only connection in the comics with Lorelei as her elder sister. She seduced Skurge the Executioner and used him in many occasions to assist her. She was ordered by Odin to murder Jane Foster. Things got even more weird when she ended up with having feelings for The God of Thunder that made her intentions to execute Jane even stronger. Perhaps Thor defeated her and made her banished by proving her villainous nature to Odin. She dedicated her life to master the mystical arts of Asgard. She was one of the most powerful mind controllers, has super strength, super speed like the other Asgardians and also efficient in hand-to-hand combat as well. She helped Odin to create the Valkyrie army, enlisted Brunnhilde as the leader of the army. However, Brunnhilde soon became aware of her ill morals and end her relationships with Amora. Her powers were interdimensional teleportation, telekinesis, time disruptions, mind control. She can manipulate the time without the time stone and has the ability to transport matters and living creatures. In future she joined the masters of evil under Baron Zemo.

Perhaps, The MCU’s Sylvie aka Lady Loki has almost every characteristic element of these three comic books’ character. She can control mind, sometimes without even touching the person, has villainous nature and also disclosed that she was no more a Loki and have taken the name Sylvie. Though the journey of Sylvie in MCU is just started and has to go a long way, so we can see many ups and downs in her character arc. Let us know about your thoughts and if you like it or not in the comment section about this blog.

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