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World’s most expensive mango, now in Madhya Pradesh

World’s most expensive mango named Miyazaki mango grown by a Madhya Pradesh couple. They deployed four guards and six dogs to prevent theft of the two mango trees. They planted the two mango saplings a year ago.

What is Miyazaki Mango ??

Miyazaki mango is the world’s most expensive variety and it sold as ”Taiyo-no-Tamago”. The Miyazaki is the type of ”irwin” which is different from the yellow “pelican mango” wildly grown in Southest Asia. These mangoes are grown in Miyazaki City in Japan’s Kyushu Perfecture.

The Miyazaki mango must waight 350 gm and have a sugar content of 15% or more. As per experts the cultivation of the variety requires long houre of bright sunshine, warm abundan rainfall. These mangoes are grown during the peak harvest between April to August.

It is said to be a premium fruit and one of the most expensive ones sold in Japan and the starting price of this variety is Rs. 8,600/- and goes up to Rs. 2.7 lakh for a box of two mangoes. The Miyazaki mangoes undergo a strict checking and testing before exported accross the island nation. Those which pass the highest quality standard, are called “Eggs of the Sun”.

These mangoes are rich in antioxidant and contain beta-carotene and folic acid. Which is great for people that need help with tired eyes, the rade promotion center said. They also help in preventing the reduced vision.

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